Mozilla Eir - Bring medical devices into the world of web

By Kevin Hu (khu)

With the aging population worldwide, there has been a rapid increase of dependent patients who are either bed or house bound. More and more services are provided by hospitals and health-care organizations and allow doctors to provide diagnosis in patients' places in a regular basis. But the frequency is not high enough to provide timely diagnosis based on latest update of health condition. It brings us the idea to implement a cloud based system that can monitor health condition of users and allows doctors to provide timely diagnosis remotely.


Date & Time
Day 2 (25th June) 14:10 - 14:40
Function Room 3
Internet of Things
English (with English Slides)
Target Audience
Developers, Users, IT Managers

Kevin Hu khu

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Kevin Hu, previously a director of engineering project management and release management and now working on engineering community engagement at Mozilla; Technical chair at Open Web Device Compliance Review Board and adjunct lecturer at National Central University.

Kevin's major responsibility is to initialize, and drive engineering topics with community and internal engineering teams worldwide, define co-working models with universities and community and drive programs with them worldwide to contribute to Mozilla.

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