Building an Elastic IoT Pipeline

By Joshua Rich (Josh)

In this talk, I’ll look at how the various open-source products in the Elastic stack can come together along with other software to build a complete IoT data processing back-end and potentially front-end.


Date & Time
Day 1 (24th June) 10:15 - 10:55
Function Room 1-3
Internet of Things
English (with English Slides)
Target Audience
Developers, IT Managers
This talk will take a quick whirlwind tour of the open-source products that are part of the Elastic stack, with a focus on Beats, which are light-weight data shippers written in Go. These Beats are ideal as IoT data producers/consumers. We will look at how you can write your own Beat relatively easily with our “beat generator” and then we will look at a bunch of different deployment scenarios. At the end of this talk, you will hopefully be able to get started writing your own Beats or using existing ones and ultimately begin building your dream IoT data pipeline with the Elastic stack.

Joshua Rich Josh

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Joshua came to Elastic from a background in scientific research and high-performance computing and is no stranger to dealing with big data solutions. He now helps our customers get the most out of our products providing passionate and enthusiastic advice and support.